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What is Asset Finance?

Using asset finance essentially means taking out a loan to buy or lease assets needed for your business to thrive.

Where an 'asset' is purchased or refinanced, the asset itself is used as security for the borrowing. There are several variations of Asset Finance but getting the right one depends on the asset itself and your tax position. It is always a good idea to run any potential Asset Finance transaction past your accountant before you do anything.

The main difference between Asset Finance lenders are;

  • The length of term offered
  • The type of assets they will finance, lenders prefer different assets to finance
  • The cost of the loan
  • The type of Asset Finance loan they offer
You may well hear terms such as 'Asset Lease', 'Hire Purchase', 'HP', 'Operating Lease', 'Finance Lease' for instance.

Funding Business can source all manner of assets for finance. From vehicles for commercial and personal use to heavy machinery and shop fit-outs. Finance equipment such as furniture and technology for offices, medical institutions, retail shops, warehouses and factories.

The list is endless...

The Advantages of using FundingBusiness for Asset Finance

We work with asset finance lenders across the UK, finding the best solution for your business and the asset you want to raise finance against.

Our funders can;

  • Raise finance against existing assets, this includes property
  • Fund all size and types of assets 
  • Offer variable terms
  • Take a view with regard to credit and loss history
  • Approve facilities within 24 hours of application
At FundingBusiness, our partnership approach enables us to understand not just where your business is now, but where you want it to be. By understanding your business' challenges, plans and ambitions, we can provide a range of tailor made finance solutions which are hard to beat.

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