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Can my business use a Business Loan?

Unsecured Options;

Start-up - Financing a start-up business is notoriously hard to do. We have access to finance that can provide the initial cash injection needed to get a business up and running.

Working Capital - If you need funding for expansion we have access to funders with the best rates and terms to propel your business forward.

Loans for Professionals - Designed by professionals for professionals such as doctors, dentists, accountants and vets.

Merchant Cash Advances - We can help any business where customers pay frequently by debit or credit card.

HMRC commitments - If you unable to meet your HMRC commitments or, wish to spread the cost as they fall due, we can seek short term or long terms solutions. 

Secured Loans;

Facilities over a period greater than 12 months often require the giving of a security by you. The security required can range from a Personal Guarantee to a charge over tangible commercial and/or personal assets. The benefit of these facilities is the amount available is often greater and the repayment period is longer than unsecured facilities.

Flexible terms including stepped, deferred and fixed repayments are available with a secured business loan.

We can also seek more tailored and niche solutions such as equity funding. Call us for more information.