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Can my business use Invoice Finance?


If your business sells on credit terms to another business and has growth potential, you are very likely to benefit from invoice finance.

Below is an example of a successful use of Invoice Finance...

You might remember Cabbage Patch Dolls - these soft toys became an overnight success and the order book was bigger than the company's ability to fund the purchase of the dolls and get them delivered before Christmas.

So this was where Invoice Finance stepped in...

In fact it did more than step in. It organised shipments, warehousing and funding overseas to enable enough Cabbage Patch Dolls to be with Father Christmas for delivery on Christmas day.

This facility was a linked Supply Chain and Invoice Finance package which funded the purchase and shipment of the goods and then funded the sales invoices and finally the collection of cash from the end customer.

Father Christmas lived to circle the globe another day, little girls went to bed with their Cabbage Patch Dolls on Christmas night and we all breathed a sigh of relief and everyone made some money.So what's behind your story? - what finance do you need to make someone's dream come true!!